You Enjoy the Pretty Fall! When You’re Done, We Rake it All!

Trees are raging with a multitude of colors, house plants are brought in and the lawn has been mowed for the last time. The frost greets us in the morning, clearly indicating the shifting seasons. Indeed, there’s an excitement to autumn’s beauty, festivals, school in full swing and the upcoming holidays.
Our goal is to help you enjoy each season. You know what isn’t a part of Norman Rockwell’s photo of children playing in the leaves while the parents drink pumpkin beer and smile at each other? Raking. That’s right. There are many things that you ought to do in the fall and hard labor isn’t one of them.
You have enough on your plate: children’s costumes, getting the home ready for house guests, holiday photos and so on.
Just FYI, we have eight weeks and five days until Christmas! If you want to get started on that naughty/nice list or, ya know, maybe just the holiday cards this year, we got you covered on fall clean-up. Call or text us today to get an estimate on fall leaf clean-up and various other fall services!